I recently completed this corset for a Dicken’s era party, and I was very pleased with the results. Having sewn a corset before, I didn’t refer often to the directions, though the times I did, they were indeed clear and understandable. The sizing (as all big-name corset patterns tend to be) was rather inaccurate, and I made the smallest (which are entirely not my measurements) Lined with green twill, with various calicos on the outside. I recommend this pattern, and would on make it again, excepting that boning and busks come dear.


I used made this Victorian dress using two patterns. For the most of the dress I used 4400 and for the sleeves I used 9761. I overall liked this pattern except the fitting was huge and I had to majorly take in the darts. I was surprised how well the sleeves fit in, I didn’t even have to adjust them! I was wary at first with doing the hand pleating for the skirt, but it was so easy and even quicker than doing it my machine and it pulled so easy that I would definitely do it again. Sorry I have no pictures they didn’t turn out good.

I recently finished my fairy costume, which I sewed from one of my thrift store finds. Vintage patterns are so fun!

Now I need to sew a frou-frou petticoat and add a little poof.

I recently sewed the skirt from this pattern, and was fairly pleased with the results. My biggest beef is handling 8 yards of fabric (!) at one time. My material had no right or wrong side, which also made it a little harder. The instructions took a bit more figuring out than most. I probably wouldn’t sew this one again, just because I don’t have that much closet space!

I made view B with the peplum. I was quite pleased with the outcome and would recommend it. I put eyelets on the sides but grommets in the back for more support. The peplum was a little hard to match in the front and I got a little pucker in the front. But with more time I’m sure it could have been fixed. I would not say that the boning was necessary, but is nice.

This is the third time I have made a dress from this pattern and have been pleased with it all 3 times. I made view B and would suggest lengthening the bodice about an inch and a half. The first time it was to short for me but worked on other people. I liked both sleeves views and would recommend both. I didn’t line the skirt, but I suppose you could, nor did I do the overlay.  I find this pattern easy and authentic for the era and plan on making more!

Here is the pattern envelope picture for #5429:

and here are pix of the skirt I sewed: view B

This pattern is for mini, calf-length, or ankle-length paneled jeans-fly skirts. I did view B, which had godets. I made the mistake of trying flat-felled seams on this one, and that added much time & frustration to my project. (my error, not pattern) The instructions are very good, although I would recommend learning to sew a fly from a book before attempting, as that part is a bit hard to navigate. I love mine & wear it all the time. I would definitely say that it is a pattern I would use again.